Our All-Star TeamThe All-Star Team

We have turned our HR process into a science because if companies don’t get the people process right, they will never fulfill the potential of their businesses.

Most companies want to be an A-Level company, but they hire C-Level employees (sometimes lots of them). We know that people are the lowest common denominator in any business, and to be an A-Level company, we need to hire A-Level people.

We spend a significant amount of time and energy making sure that we hire the right people who align to our culture, possess the skill sets for the specific position, and engage in the desired behavior that’s in the best interest of our clients.

What does “Good” look like? “Good” is different for every organization. What is good for one is not always good for another. We have developed a “Glass Slipper” test for each specific role in the company that profiles the key characteristics and attributes that are needed to execute that role to the highest level.

We know it takes more than good products to effectively solve an application; it takes good Engineers. We hire the best Engineers from the top Universities and then invest years of training to ensure that they have the skill sets to deliver our products and services into the market.

A lot of people ask how we can afford to invest so much time and energy with every new hire we bring on. We simply answer, “How can we afford not to.”

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