3 Industries Very, Very Well... 20+ Industries Really, Really Well

We make the joke around the office that we live the Discovery Channel every day. All the cool stuff you see on “How It’s Made” are the type of applications that our clients engage us in every day. We get involved with helping our clients manufacture everything from computer chips to potato chips and everything in-between – wood chips, metal chips…

Focus Industries

Although some of our clients think we can do anything, we can’t always be “All Things to All People”. To be good at something you need focus. Olympus Controls focuses on three primary markets where our products and services align very well with the needs of clients in these specific industries. We draw on both our product knowledge and industry-process expertise to help clients select and implement the best possible solution.

Electronics video
Electronics video
Electronics video

Semiconductor & Electronics

Our experience with both Fab Automation and Tool Automation gives us unique insight into the semiconductor industry's automation challenges. As semiconductor manufacturing continues to become more complex, automation solutions play an increasingly important role in the overall strategy and design of next-generation process tools and fab-wide wafer handling systems. Olympus Controls offers integrated and component-level motion control solutions for a wide range of semiconductor process applications such as CMP, etching, metrology, wafer handling systems, wafer inspection, wafer slicing, tab bonding, wire bonding, ion implantation and lithography, and flat panel applications.

Medical & Life Science

Medical Systems and Lab Automation help medical researchers find new lifesaving cures and help hospitals and clinics provide efficient care. Healthcare providers do a better job and patients receive better care when these systems are faster, more precise and more reliable. Olympus Controls has the technology and engineering knowledge to solve the toughest machine automation challenges in this strategic industry. We offer the widest standard product selection, with the ability to rapidly modify products for an exact fit to meet the requirement of specific applications. We bring a wealth of application experience and solutions to processes within this target industry including molecular biology, bioinformatics, genomics, proteomics, flow cytometry, medical imaging, oncology, plant biology, pharmacology, surgical robots, and haptics.

Packaging & Converting

Cost pressures and production quotas are tough enough to meet within the Packaging and Converting Industry but relax Olympus Controls is here to help. Cutting, folding and forming processes need to be precise. Changeover needs to be fast and flexible. Errors need to be minimized and, when they do occur, need to be fixed as quickly as possible with minimal scrap. Machines need to be low-maintenance and upgradable to accommodate new products and higher production goals. Olympus Controls automations solutions and expertise make the difference in a wide range of applications such as bulk packaging, bag sealing, cartoning, case/tray packing, case erect/seal, form/fill/seal, labeling, palletizing, and shrink wrapping.

General Industries

Here is a quick snap shot of the different industries that we service. We provide solutions for a dozen different industries and literally hundreds of different processes within each industry.

Over the last fifteen years, we have worked with over 1,500 clients and solved over 4,000 discreet types of applications. By involving Olympus Controls in your next application, you can draw on both our product knowledge and industry-process knowledge to help you select and implement the best possible solution.

General Industries