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Moxa SDS-3008 Series 8-port Smart Switch

SDS-3008 switchThe SDS-3008 smart Ethernet switch is the ideal product for IA engineers and automation machine builders to make their networks compatible with the vision of Industry 4.0. By breathing life into machines and control cabinets, the smart switch simplifies daily tasks with its easy configuration and easy installation. In addition, it is monitorable and is easy to maintain throughout the entire product life cycle. The most frequently used automation protocols—including EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus/TCP—are embedded in the SDS-3008 switch to provide enhanced operational performance and flexibility by making it controllable and visible from automation HMIs. It also supports a range of useful management functions, including IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, port mirroring, SNMP, and warning by relay.

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Asycube Series - Flexible 3-Axis  Vibration FeedersAsycube

Asyril's award-winning series of Asycube flexible feeders offers high performance part feeding, pre-orientation and optimal surface distribution of bulk parts and components.

Asycube 240 - deal flexible feeder for components from 5 to 40 mm for flat and cube-like parts, and up to 50 mm for long parts (e.g. pins and needles)

Asycube 80 - Ideal flexible feeder for small components from 3 to 10 mm for flat and cube-like parts, and up to 15 mm for long parts (e.g. pins and needles)

Asycube 50 - Ideal flexible feeder for small components from <0.1 to 5 mm for flat and cube-like parts, and up to 8 mm for long parts (e.g. pins and needles)

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SICK GR18 Photoelectric Sensors

Sick GR18 photoelectric sensorsWith seven different M18 cylindrical housing types, including short-length versions, the GR18 is well suited for both space-saving and flexible mounting solutions.  The different housing designs includes; plastic or metal versions with straight or right-angle optics, with IP67 enclosure ratings. There is also a special fully flush metal variant in the G18S range.

Installation and precise detection are aided by a highly visible PinPoint LED, and a highly visible signal indicator LED, along with a no-bracket M18 hole mounting option which saves maintenance and commissioning time.

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LVS - Label Vision Systems

LVS Barcode Verifiers are simple, offline solutions for complete label quality that put the full power of standards-based barcode verification at your fingertips.
LVS 9510
LVS-9510 - The LVS-9510® is the most complete solution among all offline barcode verification systems because it verifies all common symbologies with ease. The LVS-9510 is certified by GS1 US for the UDI requirement issued by the FDA to medical device manufacturers.
LVS 9570

LVS-9570 - The LVS-9570® is the simplest solution among all handheld barcode verification systems because it verifies large  1D and 2D symbologies with ease.

LVS 9580
- The LVS-9580® is the most complete handheld solution among all portable offline barcode verification systems because it verifies all common symbologies with ease.


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IKO TE Precision Positioning Table

IKO TE Positioning TableFor packaging applications that need a compact, cost effective motion stage, IKO has introduced the new TE Precision Positioning Table.  The positioning table’s main components are made from high strength aluminum alloy and feature a slide table inside a U-shaped bed.
The TE Precision Positioning table has a low cross sectional height of 26mm for TE50B, 33mm for TE60B and 46mm for TE86B. Sensors can be directly installed on an integrated sensor rail, which contributes to the table’s small size. The best repeatability is ± 0.002 millimeters and the positioning accuracy is as good as 0.035 mm. The TE table can be easily customized to meet different application requirements.


Cognex PatMax RedLine Feature Location Tool

Cognex PatMax RedLine learn more Cognex has introduced PatMax RedLine™, a feature-location technology that reinvents the industry-leading PatMax® pattern-matching tool by maximizing speed and performance. Available in the latest Cognex® In-Sight Explorer™ software version 5.1, PatMax RedLine technology is optimized to run on these three new In-Sight® vision systems.

Pattern matching represents the critical first step in most machine vision applications. Because previous tools imposed certain speed limitations, many applications resorted to lower resolution cameras to keep pace with production lines. PatMax RedLine technology performs faster on high-resolution vision systems, eliminating the tradeoff between speed and performance, and enabling customers to increase resolution and gain accuracy without sacrificing speed. With the incredibly fast pattern matching of PatMax RedLine technology, our customers don’t have to compromise on performance.



DataMan® 150/260 Fixed Mount Readers

Cognex DataMan 150 reader learn more The next evolution in the DataMan Fixed Mount family. The DataMan 150/260 readers are fully configurable to meet the demand of ID applications today. The DataMan 150 can be configured as a RS-232 or USB device,
while the DataMan 260 is an Ethernet based reader. Each can be configured as a straight through or right
angle device, and have various lighting and lensing options, including band pass and polarization filters.

The DataMan 150/260 readers feature Cognex’s best-in-class algorithms, 2DMax with PowerGrid™ and
1DMax with HotBars II™. The DataMan 150/260 readers will be available in various models giving them the
ability to handle the broad range of codes found in the field today, from printed labels to hard to read DPM

Cognex DataMan 260 Fixed Mount Reader learn more The DataMan 150/260 readers are configurable to meet a wide variety of applications, including field
configurable lensing and lighting options, and configuration as a straight or right-angle device, reducing the
overall footprint of the reader. Included in the lensing options is a liquid lens configuration, allowing for easy
setup and on the fly focus adjustment. The DataMan 150/260 readers also have a user interface panel that
allows for push button tuning and triggering, and LED feedback on device status. All of this combines to
provide an ease of use not found in other products.


Sick DeltaPac Reliable Gap-less Sensing

more information Now products can be counted and detected on the conveyor in a way that was not possible before. Without gaps. Without delays. The DeltaPac accurately detects and differentiates between successive packaging items on the fly. This ensures faster, smarter and more economical production.

The DeltaPac closes every gap. It eliminates product separation on the conveyor and reduces downtime caused by collision. The DeltaPac is an energy-efficient solution that increases production and requires less hardware, opening up new applications for systems engineering! Deterministic product positioning opens up a new world of automation.


Sick W2S-2 Subminiature Sensor W2S-2 Sensor information

The W2S-2 is the first subminiature sensor that also detects low remission, reflective and transparent objects accurately. In terms of detection range and operating distance, it surpasses larger models. You can set parameters and it can be read from the PLC. Or it can even take over automation tasks. This makes the W2S-2 a new force to be reckoned with in the field of subminiature photoelectric sensors.

The new LED technology PinPoint 2.0 from SICK is 2.5 times more light-intensive than the previous PinPoint LEDs, ensuring even better switching precision and repeat accuracy.

Sick W2S-2 Sub-miniature Photoelectric Sensor is the fastest and most intelligent sub-miniature photoelectric sensor on the market. It is the only one of its kind capable of detecting objects up 150 mm away. It offers all the benefits of fiber-optic sensors without all the costs.  Additionally, this sensor offers a “Smart Sensor Solution” feature that can take over timer, counter, logic and diagnostic control tasks formerly done only by the PLC.


Dorner SmartPace Dynamic Pacing Conveyors

The SmartPace conveyor enhances packaged product orientation by receiving items and properly spacing them on the conveyor. The conveyor uses HMI interface to control the spacing, speed and orientation of products. This gives users is the ability to merge multiple lanes together without product stops or gates – the entire process is smooth and seamless.

A Photoeye detects randomly spaced parts enter the conveyor. The conveyor’s servo motor control automatically varies the conveyor speed and conveyor junction placement to generate an evenly spaced part.



Robotiq 3-Finger Adaptive Grippers

Designed for applications dealing with a wide variety of parts, the 3-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper represents a solution to improve process flexibility and consistency. This robotic hand gives “hand-like” capabilities to robot arms in advanced robotic applications and industrial automation such as robotic welding, machine loading/unloading, bin picking and research.




Parker Expands XE Line of Linear Actuators XE Linear Actuators

Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division has expanded its XE line of linear actuators to include the 401 XE. The new 401 XE is now the smallest ball screw driven product Parker offers, measuring just 30 mm in width by 15 mm in height. To complement the compactness of the 401 XE, Parker is also now offering parallel motor mounts for all of the XE series. The parallel motor mount allows an instrument builder to maximize the amount of stroke per unit length of the actuator.

The 401 XE is ideal for customers looking for a high-precision, compact actuator that will stand the test of time. It combines a rugged steel body construction with an integrated precision ball screw and bearing guide producing a highly accurate, cost-effective line of tables.



Sick Flexi Loop saves costs with sensor cascades that communicate

more information Flexi Loop meets the demand for a cost-effective way to cascade safety switches and sensors within a machine while also supporting diagnostics.

 Such a system set-up also guarantees the continuous diagnosis of all door switches, emergency stop push-buttons and sensors. Used in connection with Flexi Soft, the entire safety application can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs – cost-effective, personalized and efficient.




Global Vehicle Motor GVM Series Traction Motors more information

The GVM traction motor series is a highly advanced electric machine intended to be used in electric and hybrid electric vehicle traction applications.  Designed for the demanding applications found in today’s high-performance electric and hybrid vehicles, Parker’s GVM Series of traction motors offer lower weight and higher power in a smaller package than other traction motors on the market.
The GVM motors have been test to and meet SAEJ1455 environmental standards.

Innovative Winding Design, Patent-Pending Cooling Technology
Parker’s GVM Series motors incorporate an innovative winding design and Parker’s exclusive cooling implementation, which features a patent-pending internal cooling technology.  Coupling these two performance-enhancing features together yield much higher torque per unit size than conventionally constructed permanent magnet motors and creates the core for Parker's standard product line that can deliver 19 kW to 400 kW of power output with 95% efficiency.

The GVM line of traction motors has unprecedented scalability.  Combining the two frame sizes, with the 13 lengths and the numerous windings yields over 100 different performance configurations. Vehicle designers are no longer limited by a fixed winding.  Parker’s GVM can be refined to achieve a wide-range of base speeds at nearly any voltage.


Mobile robot solutions Universal Robots Universal Robots

Universal Robots are flexible, light weight and user friendly 6 axis industrial robots.  They are developed specifically for small and medium enterprises, which has the need for flexible and effective automation that can provide them fast return on investments. 

With the user friendly software, the robotic arm can be easily and quickly programmed to perform new tasks.

As Universal Robots' robotic arms are in compliance with the ISO standard for collaborative robots 10218-1:2006, they are therefore able to operate without the need to install safety fences around them.  The robot has an average pay-back period of as little as six months.


DataMan 50 1-D Barcode ReadersDataMan 50 DataMan 50L

A giant breakthrough in small barcode readers

The DataMan® 50 is a new compact barcode reader designed for 1-D oriented barcode reading from Cognex.  Small in size but exceptional in barcode reading performance.

The DataMan 50 is equipped with Hotbars™, a proprietary image-analysis technology that delivers the highest read rates in the industry.  The DataMan 50 features a three-position lens and an integrated aimer for easy setup at different working distances.



PS Stealth Planetary Gearheads

The Stealth Gen II Helical Planetary Gearheads incorporate design enhancements to provide superior performance for the most demanding high performance applications. Stealth Gen II incorporates dual angular contact bearings providing higher radial load capacities while maintaining high input speeds. Design enhancements also include full complement needle bearings allowing for increased service life and extended warranties. Internal design changes and optimized gearing geometries allow for one fill level for any orientation, resulting in shortened part number designation and simplified order placement.
Stealth II Advanced PS is Parker Bayside's highest performance servo gearhead. With 8 frame sizes and 12 gear ratios, you are guaranteed to find a Stealth Advanced PS to fit your high performance servo applications.