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Over the last 15 years, we have assembled all the “Best-in-Class” suppliers under one roof. Because we work with a limited number of supplier partners, we know their technologies better than anyone, many times even better than the people who manufacture them!!

Our Suppliers Cognex Parker IMS - Schneider Electric Denso Robotics Emerson Control Techiques Universal Robots IKO Navitar Apex Dynamics LMI Technologies Renishaw Dorner Moog Animatics Nexen Kvaser Diequa Copley Controls Newway Robotiq Nachi Advanced Illumination Dunkermotoren CCS lights Panasonic Adept logo FANUC Robotics Lika Electronics Yaskawa products Empire Magnetics Datalogic OuR Suppliers

Our many years of experience have nurtured a product offering that represents the top one or two manufacturers in each product technology in terms of performance-per-price value, quality, reliability and serviceability. We are proud of our innovative product offering and our long-standing partnerships with suppliers who share our commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Our Technologies Vision & ID Machine & Motion Control Mechatronics Robotics & Conveyors Safety & Sensors