Customer Service

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Under Promise and Over Deliver

To a large extent, people declare that a project has either succeeded or failed based on whether it met their expectations. Few projects fail in an absolute sense -- they simply fail to meet individual expectations. What can you do to avoid the typical pitfalls that result in most projects being declared a failure? Over communicate!!

The Olympus Controls Customer Service Team is knowledgeable on each of the product lines that we provide our clients. Having intimate product and industry knowledge will help eliminate costly mistakes. When you have questions or concerns, our team can field all your machine automation questions, interface with the appropriate factory for additional information, and develop a working solution.

ERP SYstemWe utilize a sophisticated ERP system that allows us to track your project through its entire production cycle. Every project also gets loaded into Microsoft Project so we can get an accurate Gantt Chart of all key deliverables and project milestones. We always monitor the “critical path” of projects and know immediately if something is pulled-in or pushed-out and what the resulting effect will be on your delivery date. Any changes are immediately communicated to all stakeholders.