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Bringing Technology and Solutions Together

Expand Your Engineering Department

A successful machine automation strategy is the key to unlocking hidden profits and to maintaining a competitive advantage within the marketplace. As Automation Specialist, our mission is to help you through the process of developing your next machine automation system.

We also know our value proposition is based on our ability to successfully solve significant business problems for our clients. We help our clients find and evaluate significant manufacturing problems.  Once we understand their larger business goals, we set to work finding the automation configuration that provides the most appropriate total cost of ownership for their application.

Whether you're starting with a blank piece of paper or retrofitting an existing automation system, Olympus Controls can help turn your ideas from concept to reality. We evaluate your systems’ needs regarding performance and budget, determine technical requirements, and help you specify the most cost-effective solution.

Olympus Controls selectable levels of integration provide “perfect fit” solutions for OEMs, Machine Builders, Integrators, and End-Users. We let our clients pick the level that suits their needs and fits their capabilities. We offer three levels of design collaboration: