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Technology Evolves Quickly and So Should You

Bringing Technology and Solutions Together

There are two types of technology that affect businesses, “Sustaining Technologies” that help organizations to make marginal improvements in what they are doing. The other is “Disruptive Technologies” that are unexpected technological breakthroughs that require organizations to radically rethink their current way of doing business.

Among the greatest difficulties associated with disruptive technology is the ability to recognize “what it is” and “when it has been fully vetted” (ie. crossed the chasm) and then to evaluate the efficacy of how you can actually leverage the technology to create a competitive advantage within your company.  All too often, by the time you realize that a new disruptive technology is available and that you must shift your company into a new way of thinking, it is already too late. Or worse, your competitors recognized the disruptive technology before you did, and you are by default pushed into a position where your next steps are reactive rather than proactive.

A key to our role as an automation systems solutions provider is maintaining a strategic portfolio of products, which enables us to offer our clients dependable, far-sighted, and forward-compatible solutions. Because we are their link to a significant client base, the top manufacturers in the industry are eager to keep us abreast of product and technology developments long before they become widely known. This intellectual network guarantees that we can offer products with feature-sets and performance advantages that no other single company is capable of matching.

Olympus Controls is involved in six different Automation Industry Associations; additionally, our Engineering Team participates in over 20+ tradeshows a year with the end goal of searching for the next distributive technology. When we find a new distributive technology, we quickly educate our clients on how to employ it within their firms so they can stay ahead of the innovation curve long before the new technology hits the mainstream.


This is why Olympus Controls is the first company our clients call when they are working on a new machine automation application. They know they can concentrate on their core competencies and rely on us to apply the most up-to-date technologies in order to ensure their competitive advantage well into the future.