Jacob Mower

What is your job title, and what does that position entail?
I am a production technician, which means that I do a very wide variety of jobs here. A typical day for me can have me soldering wires into connectors, crimping wires, configuring drives or controllers, piecing together machinery, or setting up and running actuator assemblies.

How long have you worked at Olympus, where did you come
I have been with Olympus since June 2014. Before I was here, I interned at Intel in high school, and then worked at Gamestop as a store clerk and shift manager for four and a half years.

Can you tell us a little about your background and how it helps you in this position?
When I was hired I had little to no background knowledge for this job. Keith hired me for just that reason; he wanted a blank slate so that he could teach me everything the Olympus way.

What are some key lessons you have taken from your career thus far?
Too many to count, when I started here I had never worked in a production environment before, nor was I particularly handy. In the last year I have been forced to learn how to use everything in the warehouse. Jason McDaniel has been very helpful too by taking time from his busy Crocodile Dundee-esque life to come up and teach our team about the basics of electrical engineering, motor control, and snake hunting.

What do you like best about working at Olympus?
I love that Scott and the rest of the managers really care about what we do, and what we need to be able to do our jobs well. Everyone seems to go out of their way to help everyone else.

What was your first job ever?
I interned at Intel in my sophomore year of high school as part of my school’s program to earn credits through an internship. Intel didn’t actually hire interns so I was technically a contracted worker, much to the chagrin of all of the adults in the same position there now working with a kid who had no idea what he was doing.

Describe some of your hobbies – what do you like to do outside of work?
I’m an avid gamer, I spend most of my time outside work playing video games with some of my friends or online competitively. I’ve played games semi professionally and competed against players that make 6 figures a year playing on professional teams. I love movies of all kinds (especially 80s action movies, like the best movie of all time Predator). I also love to read, play golf, and grill with my friends.

What is one thing your customers might find surprising about you?
If I had to pick one thing it would probably be my almost supernatural ability to stop a conversation in its tracks with an incredibly dumb joke, or an obscure movie quote that no one understands.